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Item #: AVTSN3353
SKU #: 7PT9Y
Brand: Nature Valley

Energy from pure and natural ingredients brings together the goodness of whole grains and the nutritional benefits of calcium. Food Type: Cereal Bar; Flavor: Crunchy Oats’n Honey; Capacity (Weight): 1.5 oz; Packing Type: Bar.

Price: $17.12 / BX
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Not returnable.
Item #: PPH72200
SKU #: 87W7M
Brand: popchips®

We don't fry it (too greasy). We don't bake it (too cardboard-y). We start with the finest potatoes, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! It's a chip. Then we season it to perfection for a snack so tasty, you won't even notice it's got less than half the fat of fried chips. Food Type: Potato Chip; Flavor: Barbeque; Capacity (Weight): 0.8 oz; Packing Type: Bag.

Price: $21.03 / CT
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Not returnable.
Item #: KEB01474
SKU #: 8WY5G
Brand: Kellogg's®

Individual servings, super-size-to-go cups. Food Type: Breakfast Cereal; Flavor: Raisin Bran Crunch®; Capacity (Weight): 2.8 oz; Packing Type: Cup.

Price: $9.07 / BX
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Not returnable.
Item #: KND19989
SKU #: 19R9K
Brand: KIND

A satisfying union of chewy dried fruit and crunchy whole nuts. Made from ingredients you can see and pronounce. Each bar is packed with protein and contains no cholesterol. Gluten-free, non-GMO and all natural ingredients. Food Type: Snack Bar; Flavor: Raspberry Cashew & Chia; Capacity (Weight): 1.4 oz; Packing Type: Bar.

Price: $23.79 / BX
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Not returnable.
Item #: KND24842
SKU #: 12J5D
Brand: KIND

All natural, tasty bars are a convenient way to add fruit to your daily routine, containing two full servings of fruit. Bars are made with gluten-free ingredients and nut and peanut free. Non-GMO and Kosher, with a short and clean ingredient list. No sugar added. Dairy free. Simple ingredients create a delicious treat. Each bar contains between three and five fruit and vegetable ingredients. Food Type: Snack Bar; Flavor: Strawberry Apple Chia; Capacity (Weight): 1.2 oz; Packing Type: Bar.

Price: $23.79 / PK
In Stock

Not returnable.
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