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Item #: TEC401805A
SKU #: 3JP0V
Brand: Rubbermaid® Commercial

The Rubbermaid Commercial AutoFlush Toilet System creates a cost-effective, touch-free flushing system for high-traffic washrooms. Eliminating the need for flush handles, it improves washroom hygiene and installs in minutes. With a daily flush option that prevents sewer gas buildup, it offers an audio tone to indicate low battery life and an adjustable sensor range. With four included "C" batteries that last up to three years or 60,000 flushes, this touchless toilet system has an angled lens sensor design to operate even when the seat is raised and has a fail-safe courtesy button to eliminate the source of odors. Features: Automates The Flushing; Color(s): Polished Chrome.

Price: $266.12 / EA
In Stock

Item #: RCP401804A
SKU #: 8XM9D
Brand: Rubbermaid® Commercial

Automatic, touch-free flushing systems for toilets & urinals keeps fixtures flushed & presentable leaving washrooms looking and smelling clean. Smart Object Infrared Technology manages flushing automation for world-class reliability. Features: Touch-Free Flushing; Reliable Smart Object Infrared Technology; Color(s): Polished Chrome.

Price: $282.08 / EA
In Stock
Printed on 02/25/2020 03:41 AM